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Maintaining Your Health During a State of Emergency

Typically many of us kick off the new year by making resolutions to improve our lives. You are not alone if you’re finding it difficult to stay on track with your new health goals during the provincial state of emergency. Even with all of the restrictions, there are practical ways to maintain your health.

This year has started out as uncertain as the last, and we’re all still adjusting to the evolving global pandemic. Provincial stay at home orders have led to elevated stress levels which ultimately affect our overall health. While these unprecedented times are both frustrating and challenging, we’ve all learned how to adapt. Convenient curbside pick up options, efficient food deliveries and timely virtual appointments have become the new normal.

Maintaining your health at home has actually become easier now than it was before the pandemic.

Here are some things to consider to promote a healthy lifestyle at home:

Mental Health Breaks

This extra isolation at home can be overwhelming for anyone. Whether you live alone or with others, take some personal time and let your mind relax. Schedule some down time each day and turn off your devices. This intentional time of relaxation could include meditation, light reading or even a bubble bath! Whatever you decide, keep it simple and get used to enjoying daily peaceful moments to support your well-being.

Intentional Family Time

Pre-pandemic life had our schedules jammed packed with activities outside of our homes. Take advantage of being at home by creating new traditions and embracing new hobbies together. Get creative with movie nights, board game challenges, and venture out for daily exercise with your household. Working from home while helping kids with remote schooling can be stressful for both adults and children. Spending quality time with your family not only creates spectacular memories, but it also reduces anxiety levels in everyone at home.

Diet & Exercise

There’s no better time to get in the kitchen and get creative. A simple online search will help you discover healthy food options and practical ways to stay fit while at home. Resist the urge to be a couch potato and get active.