Are you an athlete? 

Do you spend long hours on your feet all day? 

Are you trying to keep up with a busy toddler?

Do you have foot, knee, hip or back pain?


Custom Orthotics can alleviate discomfort,

reduce fatigue and keep you staying active


Kinetic Chain

Properly Aligned

Kinetic Chain

The feet represent the base of the kinetic chain, and each subsequent joint above the feet can be considered a ‘link’ in the chain, much like a stable house is built upon a strong foundation


Plantar Fasciitis

Custom orthotics are designed to reduce the pressure and loading of the plantar fascia, so you can keep moving pain free.


Foot Fatigue

The stabilizing heel cup and custom arch support improves comfort and and reduces forces on the muscles and ligaments of the foot, decreasing foot fatigue.


Flat feet

The supportive arch is custom designed according to the size and shape of your foot, offering a healthier alignment and reducing uneven loading and pressure.


High arches

Orthotics offer custom support for high arches, allowing you to distribute weight and pressure evenly across the entire surface of the foot.


Improving the Kinetic Chain

Orthotics help to relieve pain in the foot, heel, ankle and lower leg by placing these joints back into their natural alignment so that they ‘track’ properly, move more efficiently, and with significantly less discomfort.


Knee, hip and back pain

By properly aligning the foot and ankle, there is often also a reduction in knee, hip and back pain, since the foundation of the ‘kinetic chain’ (i.e. the feet!) is being properly aligned.

HealthCasa orthotics are fully custom made for your specific foot condition, injury, lifestyle and activities.

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