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Ergonomics Assessments in your home in the Greater Toronto Area 

We partner exclusively with Registered Occupational Therapists to provide in-home ergonomics assessments.

Every receipt includes the practitioner's  provincial registration number,

so you can confidently submit a claim through your private insurance plan for your in-home Ergonomics Assessment

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Our certified mobile Occupational Therapists come to your home or office.

Most extended health insurance programs cover ergonomic assessments provided by a registered occupational Therapist, so take advantage of your benefits to maintain optimal health.
Two ways to book an Ergonomics Appointment in your home:
  1. Email:​ 
  2. Call or text: 647-691-5150


Ergonomic Assessments are available in your home or office 7 days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
in the Greater Toronto Area and across Ontario.

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Working from home has its advantages, and having an efficient workstation is essential to your productivity. Having a sore neck, back or aching wrists and fingers is a common result of repetitive work-related strain. If you’re feeling tense after a productive day of working from home, it’s time to consider the ergonomics of your work space.

Ergonomics focuses on designing and implementing spaces that are specifically suited to the individual users. 


At HealthCasa our team of expert occupational therapists provide an ergonomic assessment to help you set up a safe and functional home office. Our registered occupational therapists are located in the Greater Toronto Area and across Ontario and thoroughly assess your work space needs.


All adjustments and/or recommendations are conveniently made directly to your home office environment. 

Here’s what you can expect during your Ergonomics Assessment at home or at work:

Patient Interview

An in-depth interview to discuss the problems and/or limitations with your space and setup, including current injuries or discomforts. 

Ergonomic Assessment at Home
  • An overall review of your workstation. 

  • A complete evaluation of your workstation setup and adjustment recommendations. 

  • Examination of your workstation while you complete your main work tasks. 

Workstation Adjustments

Immediate adjustments are made to your workstation, e.g., chair, desk, footrest, monitor, keyboard, mouse etc.

Injury Prevention Education

Additional education on injury prevention techniques, including stretches is provided.

Follow Up Report

Following the assessment, a comprehensive summary report is provided which outlines the findings, changes, and recommendations.

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