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Safety has always been a priority at HealthCasa and during COVID-19 we’ve implemented new procedures to help protect both our patients and practitioners. 

We continue to follow the guidance of local government and health authorities to guide our safety protocols.

ALL our practitioners are Fully Vaccinated.

Steps we are taking to keep everyone safe


Before Your Appointment

  • You will be sent a pre-screening survey 24 hours before your appointment

  • All healthcare practitioners will be required to complete the same pre-screening survey

  • This Covid-19 screening survey is mandatory and must be completed before every in-person appointment

  • In-person appointments can be booked by calling sending us a booking form at, calling us at 647-691-5150 or emailing us at

  • Please ensure that your medical history form is completed online, before your appointment

  • Please notify us prior to your appointment if you have a cough, fever or other symptoms of Covid-19 or there are any changes to your screening survey responses 

  • Please provide your own linens and pillows for massage appointments appointment


Your Appointment

  • Hand hygiene is the most effective way to prevent transmission of infections - please wash your hands before and after your appointment

  • Your practitioner will require access to a sink to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after your appointment.
    If a sink is not available, or appointments are taking place outside,  please ensure they have access to a large bowl or bucket of clean water.

  • Before and after your treatment, practitioners will thoroughly wash their hands, forearms and elbows with soap and water. They will also have Health Canada-approved hand sanitizer on hand (alcohol-based, with 60%-90% alcohol).

  • Your practitioner will follow the guidelines set out by Public Health Ontario, Ministry of Health, as well as their professional college

  • Your practitioner will have the proper PPE to protect both of you during the treatment

  • Your practitioner will clean all surfaces of the treatment table (if required) including the face cradle for massage appointments, and use a disposable face cradle cover that is changed between clients.

  • Practitioners are required to use a “wipe twice” method on surfaces (wipe once to clean, wipe again to disinfect) using products approved by Health Canada.

  • We encourage you to wear a mask for the duration of your appointment (a cloth mask is acceptable)

  • We ask that your family members stay in a separate room during the appointment to maintain social-distancing

  • HealthCasa only uses disposable, sterile, single-use instruments and materials to eliminate the risk of contamination.

  • Your appointment can take place in your backyard or balcony, weather permitting

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After Your Appointment

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