Your health is our number one priority as we resume in-person services,

so we wanted to outline exactly what we are doing to  keep you and our team safe.

Before Your Appointment

  • You will be sent a pre-screening survey 24 hours before your appointment

  • All healthcare practitioners will be required to complete the same pre-screening survey

  • This Covid-19 screening survey is mandatory and must be completed before every in-person appointment

  • In-person appointments can be booked by calling us at 647-691-5150 or emailing us at

  • Virtual appointments can be booked online

  • Please ensure that your medical history form is completed online, before your appointment

  • Please notify us prior to your appointment if you have a cough, fever or other symptoms of Covid-19 or there are any changes to your screening survey responses 

Your Appointment

  • Hand hygiene is the most effective way to prevent transmission of infections - please wash your hands before and after your appointment

  • Your practitioner will require access to a sink to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after your appointment.
    If a sink is not available, please ensure they have access to a large bowl or bucket of clean water.

  • Your practitioner will follow the guidelines set out by Public Health Ontario, Ministry of Health, and their professional college

  • Your practitioner will have the proper PPE to protect both of you during the treatment

  • We ask that you provide and wear a  mask for the duration of your appointment (a cloth mask is acceptable)

  • We ask that your family members stay in a separate room during the appointment to maintain social-distancing

  • HealthCasa only uses disposable, sterile, single-use instruments and materials to eliminate the risk of contamination.

  • Your appointment can take place in your backyard or balcony, weather permitting

After Your Appointment

  • HealthCasa has always used contactless payment methods and have always been paperless

  • Your credit card on file will be charged after your appointment

  • Your insurance documents will be available to download and submit for reimbursement

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