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Adjusting to the New Normal with Mobile Healthcare Services

It’s been 6 months since the Covid-19 pandemic was declared and our lives were collectively uprooted. We’ve all adjusted to the changes and continue to adapt to the new normal as if it's always been like this. Even though we have endured many challenges, there have been some amazing benefits that continue to positively affect our community.

Prior to the pandemic, going outside of our homes for basic necessities and personal appointments was normal. Online shopping was already a regular part of our lives, but it was typically a secondary choice when stores were open. If you ran out of milk and eggs, you could quickly run into a local store. When you needed to see a doctor or certified professional of any kind, it was normal to pick up the phone and make an appointment to go into a clinic. When the pandemic was declared, various businesses and clinics were forced to close their doors and life as we knew it changed. Fortunately, not all the changes were negative.

Ordering online and picking up your items at the store’s “curbside” became an efficient way to get the things we needed while remaining safe. Libraries offered curbside pick up for books; restaurants ramped up their food delivery options; and, even pharmacies found a way to get prescriptions delivered to the most vulnerable in our community.

Telemedicine and OHIP-covered virtual visits effectively took the place of in-person medical appointments. Patients no longer have to sit in crowded waiting rooms for prolonged periods of time at the risk of being infected. Having access to a healthcare professional became an essential component of remaining healthy in such stressful times.

As a society we collectively found ways to be innovative and creative to get the things we need in the comfort of our home.

Life Before Covid-19

Prior to the pandemic, most of HealthCasa’s services were offered at various corporate offices, including Lunch & Learn sessions and wellness services, like yoga and meditation. Employees also had the opportunity to experience individual services, such as: Registered Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy, Chiropody and Orthotics. Our team has always been focussed on providing experienced and qualified professionals to support the needs of patients in a convenient manner. When our corporate clients quickly closed their offices throughout the Greater Toronto Area in March we pivoted to an online format. When employees started working from home our team was ready and offered all of our group corporate sessions online through a secure webinar.

With makeshift home offices it was even more important than ever to provide virtual wellness sessions to prevent or reduce work related strain. Employees who were suddenly working from home took advantage of virtual yoga, meditation and stretch breaks in the comfort and security of their own home. Some of the online Lunch & Learns included a variety of timely topics including: healthy eating, mindfulness, sleep, ergonomics, stress management, time management, self-care etc.

Even with the uncertainty of the pandemic, HealthCasa has been able to effectively help hundreds of corporate clients deliver weekly webinars to keep their employees healthy. Employees who have access to health and wellness resources are typically more engaged which results in effective productivity. That’s why our team remains dedicated to providing quality mobile healthcare online and at home. Working from home shouldn’t be uncomfortable, so our qualified and experienced experts continue to provide Ergonomic Assessments.

Our New Normal

Since we’re all accustomed to receiving goods and services at home, providing access to quality mobile healthcare within Toronto was a natural progression for our team. Outdoor appointments have not only become convenient, but also safer since the risk of infection is low in less crowded areas.

Exhausted parents have been taking advantage of Registered Massage Therapy in the comfort of their homes, including their backyard or balcony. Virtual healthcare services also include online and/or phone meetings to help both the patient and the practitioner prior to an in-home visit. Our team of certified professionals continue to provide essential services online and at home including Registered Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy, Chiropody and Orthotics.

Despite these unprecedented times, we are grateful for the opportunity to use innovative and creative ways to help families stay safe and healthy. Our team will continue to successfully deliver these services conveniently in homes throughout the Greater Toronto Area and online.

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