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Claw Toes Hammer Toes Mallet Toes HealthCasa | Cutom Orthotics & Food Care Toronto


What is it?

Toes bending into an unnatural position, causing pain.

Claw toes: Toes bend up at the joint, where the toes meet the foot and down at the other joints.

Hammer toes: Toes bend downwards

Mallet toes: Toes bends down at the joint closest to the end of the toe

What is the Cause?

Claw, hammer or mallet toes are generally caused by wearing improperly fitting shoes, which leads to instability of the foot. This can lead to the toes staying in an unnatural position for lengthy periods of time.

Recommended Treatment

Anti-inflammatory medications can help reduce any pain these conditions may cause. Taping the affected toe(s) to other toes as well as ensuring that shoes fit properly can also help to correct the problem. A Chiropodist or Podiatrist can prescribe custom orthotics, which contain pads that can be used to keep the affected toes in the proper position. If severe, surgery may also be a consideration.

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