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How to Recognize Orthotics Fraud

For many people custom orthotics can alleviate discomfort and reduce fatigue. Each orthotic is as unique as the individual, so there’s no room for cutting corners to make a quick buck. Orthotics fraud continues when practitioners fail to follow the proper procedures leaving the patient suffering in more ways than one.

A custom orthotic is a prescribed removable corrective device that is placed in your shoes to hold your foot in the proper position. This allows the joints, muscles and ligaments of your feet to function closer to their normal limits so that your feet and lower leg can move more efficiently. How orthotics are created is crucial; and, that’s why they must be completely custom made and prescribed by certified chiropodists or podiatrists. Fraud is very prevalent in the orthotics industry and it often starts with unscrupulous clinics and practitioners that don’t follow proper protocols.

The importance of casting

Casting is required to accurately create a custom device for the feet to address specific needs. There are some clinics that take shortcuts such as, simply writing down the shoe size or tracing the outline of the patient’s feet. Both of these methods are useless and completely inaccurate for this process.

Taking a proper cast of a patient’s feet is a blend of art and science. A thorough understanding of the orthotic manufacturing process is essential to taking a great cast. The universally accepted method is plaster of Paris casting, but, how the cast is taken is critically important to the end result.


Plaster casting - Preferred method

This method involves holding the patient’s feet in a neutral and non-weight-bearing position while carefully placing plaster of Paris around the bottom and sides of the feet. The positioning is critically important because that will be the position that the finished orthotic will keep the patient’s feet in.

3D Digital Scanning - New technology

This is a newer method that uses 3D cameras to capture a digital version of the bottom and sides of the patient’s feet. Digital casting can still present challenges since it's difficult to keep the patient’s feet in the desired neutral, non-weight-bearing position.

Foam Boxes - Against industry standards

Practitioners typically have patients step into the foam box, but they are not in a neutral, non-weight-bearing position; or, the practitioner pushes down on the patient’s knee while their feet are on the foam.

Insurance companies generally do not accept this inadequate technique since it is inherently inaccurate.

Prefabricated Orthotic Casts - Unethical methods

Even when a cast is done correctly, some manufacturing labs will still use prefabricated orthotic shells. These unethical labs will just use a shell that’s the same size as the patient’s foot, and then finish that prefabricated shell according to the requisition of the prescribing practitioner. This means that the orthotic would not be custom made regardless of the patient’s prescription. These labs save on operating costs which allows them to sell their poor-quality orthotics at unsuspecting clinics at a lower price. Patients are unknowingly wearing inadequate devices in their shoes that are not nearly as helpful.

The HealthCasa Difference

Our team of certified and regulated professionals has thoroughly screened the orthotic manufacturing lab that we’re associated with. Even before an agreement is reached, the facilities are meticulously inspected.

Every pair of orthotics is inspected for quality control before it leaves the manufacturing lab and again by HealthCasa once received. We compare the final product to the orthotic order forms to ensure that everything matches. If we feel that a pair of orthotics is anything less than 100% perfect, we will not hesitate to send it back to be remade with detailed feedback. We fully guarantee our orthotics and stand by our products and services, because that’s the way it should be.

Fair discounts on medical devices

Patients are eligible for discounts when they purchase multiple pairs of orthotics. Many clinics are known for giving a $50 discount off the standard price of $500. At HealthCasa we treat patients fairly by heavily discounting additional orthotics by 50% so it only costs $250 for a second pair. This makes getting multiple pairs more affordable and allows patients to get different styles to accommodate a variety of footwear and activities.

Quality Without Compromise

At HealthCasa we never compromise quality because we’re serious about doing things the right way every time. Our core values of honesty, transparency and education are evident at every stage of the patient experience. We value each patient and strive to guide each one toward optimal health in an ethical manner.

Learn more

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