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How to Counteract Aches and Pains with Physiotherapy at Home

There’s no doubt that we’re all spending more time at home lately, and you might have the physical pain to prove it. Sitting on the couch for extended periods of time and working in a make-shift office is certainly not ideal for your well being. Physiotherapy at home is a great way to get the treatment you need to relieve the pain right where you are.

Benefits of Physiotherapy at Home

Effective Pain Relief

Under the care of a certified Physiotherapist, physical relief from common challenges is possible. Physiotherapy provides long lasting effects from persistent pain in the back, neck, knee and shoulders. Treatments are also effective for hip, knee, ankle and foot injuries at home.

Simple & Convenient

Physiotherapy appointments at home eliminate travel time so you can focus on your recovery, especially when you’re in pain. The Physiotherapist can actually see the environment that may be contributing to your condition and provide an ergonomic assessment in your home. The physiotherapy exercises and lifestyle modifications can be made according to where you live.

Safe & Secure

You can reduce your risk of exposure to infections when a Physiotherapist comes to your home. There’s no need to interact with additional staff members or wait in a busy clinic for your turn. Physiotherapy at home keeps the focus on you without compromising your safety.

What to expect with Physiotherapy appointments at home


With personalized physiotherapy treatments in your home, your therapist will bring everything you need. Even though clinics are known for having a variety of equipment, there are efficient and creative ways to achieve the same results at home. Even common household items can be used in place of typical clinical tools. For example, a therapist can show you how to use a towel or belt if a stretch band is not available.


Physiotherapy at home gives you the flexibility t