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How custom orthotics can improve your ski boots

If you’re excited about the first snowfall, chances are you enjoy skiing. Millions of Canadians are gearing up for the ski season and preparing to hit the freshly powdered slopes with a renewed vigor. Even if you’re just considering trying out this popular winter activity, it’s important to think about feet first. In addition to purchasing or renting all the right gear, keep in mind that custom orthotics can vastly improve your ski boots.

Skiing is an excellent winter activity that supports both your mental and physical health. But, like all other high intensity activities, it’s vital to protect your feet. Having custom orthotics in general is an effective way to address your specific foot condition, injuries, lifestyle and activities. Orthotics offer custom support for high arches, allowing you to distribute weight and pressure evenly across the entire surface of the foot. Since the body is so incredibly intertwined, problems with your feet can affect your back, knees and hips. Known as the kinetic chain, certain joints can affect one another while in motion. When there is a kink in that chain, participating in various activities, including skiing, could be painful.

Here are some specific benefits of custom orthotics for your ski boots:

Reduce movement in your boots

By filling up the space under your feet in your ski boots, you'll have a more snug fit. This will prevent your feet from moving around inside your boots which can cause blisters and reduce overall control of your skis.

Maintain proper knee alignment

Being optimally aligned is especially important since skiers use the edges of their skis for control while turning and stopping. By having your feet, ankles, knees and hips properly aligned, you'll be able to put equal amounts of pressure and weight on the edges on both sides of your skis.

Improve stability

Because your orthotics place your feet, ankles, knees and hips in their proper alignment, your weight will be evenly distributed to both legs and each side of your feet. Subsequently, this will improve your stability while skiing.

Improved power transfer

Orthotics provide a more snug customized fit in your ski boots so you can push into and out of your turns effectively while skiing. You'll be able to efficiently transfer power from your legs to the snow beneath your skis. This will ensure you won’t lose power because your foot collapses and moves around inside your boots.

Enhance control of your skis

By controlling the motion inside your boot, you'll have better control of your skis since they are an extension of your boots. Custom orthotics improve the overall alignment and stability within your boots.

Improved fit

Finding the right ski boot can be a challenge within itself. While you might love everything about your ski boots, having the best possible fit, both around AND under your foot, is essential. The proper fit is a key factor in being able to ski efficiently, avoid injury and most importantly enjoy your time on the slopes.


Whether you’re new to skiing or an avid skier, having the right health care practitioner can help you stay in true form. If you are experiencing muscle aches and pains, it is vital that you get the right help before you engage in any activity this winter, including skiing.

There are various health professionals that could save you from the effects of ongoing pain and support your overall well being. In the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA), HealthCasa partners with certified practitioners that are available for in-home appointments. Discover the full suite of mobile healthcare services, including Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy, Podiatry and Chiropody.

Stay active and healthy this year with a little help from HealthCasa.

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