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Why HealthCasa?

Every so often we get asked, “Why the name HealthCasa?” It’s a valid question so here’s the story behind our name...

HealthCasa started out providing healthcare appointments to individual patients at home and at work. We chose the name HealthCasa because we bring health to your casa, home in Spanish. We like it, it has a nice ring to it and it’s easily identifiable. As we started seeing more patients, both at their homes AND at their offices, we couldn’t help but notice the amazing response from other people working at the offices we went to. Every time one of our healthcare practitioners went to see a patient at their office, we’d have a bunch of people asking them how they heard about us, what other services we provide, and best of all, how soon they could get an appointment with us at their office.

Let’s face it, life is busy, and we arguably spend more of our waking lives at work than at home. After seeing the great response to providing our services at work and thinking about the reality of most people’s working lives and the time we spend at the office, we decided to launch our At Work division. That brings us back to the questions about our name; if casa is Spanish for home, should we have chosen a different name for our At Work division? We think not.

We believe that there should not be a divide between a person’s health and wellness at home and at work. In fact, we believe that there is a strong correlation between your health at work and your health at home.

Healthier habits at work translate to healthier habits at home and, in turn, a healthier YOU!

With on site healthcare appointments (such as chiropractic, physiotherapy, naturopathy, chiropody, orthotics and more...), health and wellness seminars and workshops, and healthy food and snacks, HealthCasa’s got you AND your whole office covered.

Learn more about HealthCasa’s corporate health and wellness solutions and how to offer your employees the healthiest workplace experience HERE.


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