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Home visit or clinic?

As many healthcare providers are allowed to reopen their clinics and start seeing patients in person again, we all need to pause and digest the fact that the world that we’re returning to, is different from the one in which we lived prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our experience returning to the retailers, medical clinics and other establishments that we were so familiar with, will be noticeably different. With factors like physical distancing, reduced store capacity, mandatory face masks, and reduced product and service availability, people are actively looking for safer, more convenient alternatives.

HealthCasa was founded with the goal of providing a safer, more convenient alternative to in-clinic healthcare appointments. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have thrust these concerns into the forefront of our minds and we’re here to answer the call.

But let’s think about this logically, and let’s look at your options of going to a physical clinic versus having a home visit.

A Home visit is a lower risk alternative

When you go to a clinic, you are exposed to an environment where:

  • Multiple other patients have been

  • Those patients have touched multiple surfaces

  • More staff are typically present (E.g. Receptionists and admin staff, other healthcare practitioners)

When a practitioner comes to see you at your home:

  • You are in control of your environment

  • There are less ‘touch points’ (E.g. You can open the door for the practitioner and lead them to the space in your home where you feel comfortable to have the appointment)

  • There are fewer people (E.g. no receptionists, admin staff or other healthcare practitioners)

  • There is better ventilation and thus a lower risk of exposure (E.g. Option to open a window or door or have the appointment outside)

Generally speaking, you can never eliminate 100% of the risk in any situation. so in the current climate staying safe and reducing your risk of infection is top of mind for everyone.

Home visits are more convenient

With everyone working from home now, we’re all itching to get out and go somewhere, anywhere, just to get out of the house. Taking into consideration the lower risk alternative outlined above, it makes more sense to save our ‘getting-out-of-the-house’ time for more fun things like going for a walk with the family, going on a bike ride, or any other safe outdoor leisure activities.

Make better use of your time at home by eliminating the time you’d otherwise spend travelling to and from a given clinic, and the time wasted sitting in a waiting room. Granted, clinics aren’t really using their waiting rooms right now. Instead, once you check into the clinic for your appointment, you’re asked to wait outside the clinic somewhere close by, perhaps in your car if you drove, until the clinic calls you to tell you to come inside for your appointment. Hardly a time efficient experience.