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HealthCasa <> FirePower Capital

Published by Fire PowerPower Equity - Strategic and Financial Fuel for Canada's Entrepreneurs

FirePower Equity, as part of an investor group, has just closed its first minority stake investment in HealthCasa. Here’s their story… Convenient access to healthcare is often a challenge, whether you’re a parent running between after-school programs or a busy professional running between meetings. This shortage of time means booking healthcare appointments gets left for later.

In 2017, Karen Klein (CEO, HealthCasa) and Mike Gaspar (COO, HealthCasa), set out to create a solution to this problem and HealthCasa was born.

While initially providing Chiropody/Podiatry and orthotics appointments to individual patients at home and work, Karen and Mike saw a significant need in the corporate health and wellness space. In response, they added a new division, HealthCasa At Work.

With an expanded list of services, the company now provides fully-managed corporate health and wellness programs for corporate clients looking to increase employee engagement and productivity by creating healthier workplaces.

Faced with growing demand, the founders sought an investor to help fund HealthCasa’s growth and provide strategic guidance and support. That’s where FirePower Equity came in. We’re excited to work with Karen and Mike, supporting them as they scale, expanding HealthCasa’s services for an ever-broader range of patients.


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