More healthcare practitioners are providing care outside of the traditional clinic setting,

allowing care to be more accessible and personalized for all patients.

HealthCasa provides you with the tools to deliver patient care, anywhere.

Work for yourself without the headache of managing your own clinic.

“ I joined HealthCasa because they have solid values

and strong ethics.  
Their mission is perfectly aligned with why

I became a Chiropodist. ”

- Marlie, Chiropodist

Flexible hours

Flexible Hours HealthCasa | Cutom Orthotics & Food Care Toronto

HealthCasa gives you the opportunity to work as much or as little as you want. You can continue to work at your existing clinics, while supplementing your income by scheduling additional hours through the HealthCasa platform. Manage your schedule directly through your HealthCasa profile, without having to make a commitment to work a minimum number of hours per month. Easily set your geographical radius via the HealthCasa platform, so you can control exactly how far you are willing to travel for appointments and customize your geographical radius according to your existing schedule and commitments.

Be your own boss

Become Your Own Boss HealthCasa | Cutom Orthotics & Food Care Toronto

HealthCasa has a proprietary system for EMR, scheduling, documentation, communication, payment, and everything else you need to be an effective Chiropodist or Podiatrist. We provide all the necessary equipment, tools, training, support, advertising and patients required to work for yourself without the headache of managing your own clinic. Be part of a team with a proven track record and experience in this industry – we have owned successful chiropody clinics and labs and our Chief Chiropodist is a licensed and practicing Chiropodist, who is registered and in good standing with the College of Chiropodists of Ontario. We fully understand both the clinical, insurance and the business aspects of the foot care industry which allows us to provide everything you need to work independently and simplify your working life

Higher pay

Higher Pay HealthCasa | Cutom Orthotics & Food Care Toronto

HealthCasa provides a flexible, rewarding and profitable opportunity to work for yourself. We offer higher compensation than almost any other clinic in Ontario, while strictly adhering to all professional college and insurance guidelines. You will be paid directly into your bank account and we pride ourselves in offering complete transparency for our practitioners. We also have a strict cancellation policy – if a patient cancels less than 24 hours before the start of an appointment, you will still be paid for the appointment.

Stay safe

Stay Safe HealthCasa | Cutom Orthotics & Food Care Toronto

We place the highest priority on the safety of both our patients and practitioners and have implemented the same security measures as the leading ride-sharing apps. All patients need to upload a selfie when registering, so the practitioner always knows who they will be meeting. All payment is made by credit card via the HealthCasa platform, prior to the appointment, so there is no need for practitioners to carry around cash. We also have a check-in and check-out function built into our platform, so we always know that our practitioners have arrived and left their appointments safely.