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What is HealthCasa?

HealthCasa is a comprehensive, mobile foot clinic that comes to you. With HealthCasa, you’re getting the high-quality products and services that you’d expect from a “traditional” foot clinic, without having to waste time driving to and from appointments or sitting in a crowded waiting room. You can have your appointments in the comfort and convenience of your own home or office, at a time that fits your schedule.

The convenience of a mobile foot clinic

Why is it so easy to book flights, make dinner reservations, and buy groceries and everything else online, yet so difficult to book a health care appointment online?   As a patient, mom and entrepreneur, living in downtown Toronto, I’ve become accustomed to the availability of on-demand services that make my life that much simpler. Recently, several other healthcare orientated “booking platforms” have cropped up utilizing the “Uber” model for healthcare services. The convenience of these services is unparalleled – at the click of a button, you can book an appointment with a healthcare provider in your home or office! “That would make my life so much easier” ….” That’s exactly what I need” …I love hearing these comments when I tell people about HealthCasa.

Convenient, consistent, high quality services

Convenience is one thing, but when I’m booking a service or purchasing a product (both online and offline), I’m also looking for quality and transparency. I’m pickier when it comes to healthcare services, and even pickier when it comes to researching and selecting healthcare services for my family.  I want to know that I’m going to be getting the best quality treatment, service and products from the best healthcare provider available and I want to know that the service quality is going to be consistent. These are the important questions that we strive to answer at HealthCasa:  Convenient, consistent, high-quality orthotics and podiatry services brought to you!  

Not a booking request form

HealthCasa is different from many of the other “booking platforms” out there. When you book a HealthCasa appointment, it’s INSTANTLY BOOKED! We don’t mess around with annoying booking “requests” dressed up as actual bookings. At a “traditional” foot clinic, you’d have to call the office or send an email with the details of your request and then wait for confirmation of your appointment. With HealthCasa, you can instantly book an appointment with a Podiatrist or Chiropodist online, in three easy steps. Simply select an address for your appointment, choose a date and time that is convenient for you and select your practitioner.  

Not just a matching service

HealthCasa is not just the “Uber” of orthotics and podiatry services. As a HealthCasa patient, you have access to a comprehensive patient portal which allows you to pay for your appointments online, complete medical history and intake forms, access all your past and upcoming appointment data, receive appointment reminders, access all your receipts, prescriptions, medical forms and invoices for insurance and more!  

Fully licensed Chiropodists and Podiatrists

All HealthCasa practitioners are fully vetted, certified, licensed and insured Chiropodists and Podiatrists that have been specifically trained to assess and cast for custom-made orthotics and perform podiatric treatments for a wide variety of foot conditions. When you book an appointment at a “traditional” foot clinic, you expect that the foot clinic owners have played an active role in selecting the healthcare providers that will treat you. At HealthCasa, multiple members of our executive team are personally involved in interviewing, selecting and training only the highest quality practitioners.

The HealthCasa team has a proven track record and experience in this industry – we have owned successful chiropody clinics and orthotic manufacturing labs and our Chief Chiropodist is a licensed and practicing Chiropodist, who is registered and in good standing with the College of Chiropodists of Ontario. We fully understand both the clinical, insurance and the business aspects of the foot care industry, so we know what we’re looking for when we are recruiting practitioners to join the HealthCasa team, but more importantly, we know what it takes to make every patient experience a memorable one.

Consistent standard of care

When you book an appointment with a HealthCasa practitioner, you can rest assured that you will be receiving the same high standard of care no matter which practitioner you see. Also, as you would expect if you were visiting a “traditional” foot clinic, your custom orthotics will be casted in the same way and will have been manufactured in the same custom orthotics lab using the same process and quality materials by the same highly trained technicians. We’ve spent months researching and interviewing most of the orthotic manufacturing labs in Canada, so we’re confident that we’re working with skilled technicians that only produce high quality, custom-made orthotics.

All orthotics are reviewed by the HealthCasa clinical team before you receive them, to ensure that they have been fabricated to your practitioner’s exact specifications. It’s this consistent standard of care that sets us apart from the other “booking platforms” out there.  With HealthCasa, we’re with you from the moment you book your appointment until long after your appointment has ended, or you’ve received your orthotics.  Have a question, concerned about getting used to your new orthotics, have a question about a family member or friend … we’re always just an email, phone call, or chat request away.

HealthCasa materials and instruments

HealthCasa provides your practitioners with all the necessary equipment, materials and supplies needed to cast for custom orthotics and to perform a variety of foot care procedures. So, you can rest assured knowing that all HealthCasa practitioners will be using only sterile, single-use, pre-packaged foot care instruments and the best medicaments, all selected by the HealthCasa clinical team.  While this is more costly for us, we take this very seriously and nothing is more important to us than your health.

HealthCasa patient portal

All documentation associated with your appointment is created and stored securely on the HealthCasa patient portal, within your personal HealthCasa account so that you are easily able to access all your receipts, prescriptions, medical forms and invoices for insurance. We’ve worked closely with the insurance providers to ensure that we supply you with all the appropriate documentation required for you to submit your claim for reimbursement.

Consistent price

If you were visiting a “traditional” foot clinic you wouldn’t expect to pay a different price for your assessments and orthotics depending on which practitioner you saw. HealthCasa is no different. No matter which part of the city you’re in and no matter which practitioner you see, you pay the exact same price. Our fees are aligned with most other foot clinics and with the guidelines defined by the  provincial and federal governing bodies, so you’re getting more value for the same price.

This in a nutshell, is the HealthCasa difference: convenient, consistent, high-quality orthotics and podiatry services brought directly to you!

Karen Klein CEO & Co-founder, HealthCasa


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