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How To Actively Manage Stress, Pain & Tension from Home

Registered Physiotherapist and Certified Yoga Instructor, Heather Watson discusses how working from home can contribute to stress, pain and tension and how to effectively deal with it.


There is a high correlation between pain, stress and anxiety; and our mental state has a direct effect on our physical state.


In this webinar, Heather will help you understand your body’s stress response to the fear and uncertainty of our current world.


She will also discuss:

  • The effect that stress and lack of movement can have on our bodies

  • Three quick and simple exercises that you can perform at home to release stress and tension

  • The benefits of virtual physiotherapy sessions - who can benefit, how they are completed and the value of accessing care.

Heather's Resources 



  • Yoga and Meditation: 

    • One of my favourite sites for yoga and meditation at home.

    • This site offers classes from 5 min to 90 min, all levels from beginner to advanced, and multiple types of yoga and meditation to fit your preferences.

    • Your first 15 days are free, and the monthly subscription is affordable at $24/month for unlimited access.

  • Strength and Conditioning: Resilience Fitness 

    • This community focused Toronto based gym provides daily 30-40 min free strength and conditioning workouts on Instagram Live daily at noon during isolation.

    • Energetic and inspiring coaches, creative equipment options and a guaranteed sweat.

    • Follow them at @resilience_fitness on Instagram or at

  • Muscular Release: Yoga Tune Up Balls with Jill Scott 

    • Jill Scott has many great videos on You Tube. Her ‘Tune Up” program uses balls to target and release tension from different areas of muscle and fascia.

    • A great at-home method for pain and stress relief.

    • Here is a short video that targets neck and upper back tension.

  • Dealing with Stress and Emotional Health:

    • ‘Checking In’ Podcast with clinical psychologist Susan David 
      Podcast - available on Apple Podcasts or Google Play

    • Podcast is specifically focused on dealing with our emotional health during COVID 19.

    • Episodes are short, to the point, and provide helpful strategies for dealing with all kinds of new stressors we are dealing with in our new COVID lives. 


Heather Watson,

Registered Physiotherapist

and Certified Yoga Instructor 

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